JavaScript i18n

As SodaHead extended over the ocean and opened a new website in germany we were faced with a massive translation integration. We are using Jinja2 on the backend, i18n is part of the batteries. JavaScript on the other side, doesn't provide anything to handle i18n so I had to come up with my own gettext lib.

JavaScript gettext _

Here is a solution we use at SodaHead to handle translation on the client side while being compatible with gettext translation files.

function _(x,v){
    x = SH.i18n && SH.i18n._[x] || x;
    for(var k in v){
        x=x.replace(RegExp('%\\('+k+'\\)(s|d)', "g"), v[k]);
    return x;

Here is my locale dictionary generated by gettext

SH.i18n._ = {
    'You have %(num)d dollars in %(account)s.': 'Votre compte %(account)s dispose de %(num)d dollars.'


    _('You have %(num)d dollars in %(account)s.', {num:123, account:'AB547F'});